Journalism is not an easy job as people see

In the industry, being a journalist is a versatile job. You are tasked to write different kind of topics; may it be politics, economics,crime, lifestyle,technology and entertainment. A good journalist knows how to write effective stories by maintaining the credibility of of their sources. They know how to tell stories that engages people to read their articles rather than just merely informing them about certain facts but all has it’s dark side in journalism there are also deadlines to be meet so that a story may get to be published and also getting the whole story at once is very hard and also getting a source that is true is very hard…..for comments or inquiry email me via

Why corruption will never end in Kenya

Corruption is one of the major problems in our country where you find it starts from the roots……and the only way to end the corruption in our country is to cut it from the roots ………send in your views about what is to be done to end corruption